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Team 2 - DAWSON Team
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Board No vs Team   Contract Result Score   Contract Result Score   Net Score Net Imps   Datum NS EW
Board 251: MAYERS Team 1NT N8120 1NT N650   1705      
Board 261: MAYERS Team 3NT S12690 6D S12-1370   -680-12      
Board 271: MAYERS Team 3DX N9470 1NT S7-90   3809      
Board 281: MAYERS Team 4H E10-420 1NT E9150   -270-7      
Board 291: MAYERS Team 4S E10-620 4S E8-200   -820-13      
Board 301: MAYERS Team 1NT S790 2NT N750   1404      
Board 311: MAYERS Team 4C S8-200 4S N8200   00      
Board 321: MAYERS Team 4D S9-50 5D S9100   502      

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