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Board No: 13
Dealer: N, Vul: ALL, Room Datum: 70
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Teams  Score Imps
North-SouthEast-WestContractLeadTricks  NS    EW      NS EW
1 LORROWAY Team13 MCLEAN Team1NT N9S6 100 -55
2 MCDONALD Team5 STONEMAN Team1NT N3H790  -33
3 O'BRIEN Team7 BELL Team1NT N3H790  -11
4 MILLER Team8 BOURKE Team2D N2S7 100 -55
5 STONEMAN Team2 MCDONALD Team2S WKC6200  3-3
6 BONNICK Team14 MAYES Team2C N6S7 100 -66
7 BELL Team3 O'BRIEN Team1NT S2S8120  1-1
8 BOURKE Team4 MILLER Team1NT N9S790  5-5
9 BECKETT Team15 OLIVER Team2H S2S7 100 -55
10 NEARHOS Team18 ELMER Team2H S2S8110  00
11 GORDON Team19 ANDERSON Team3C NAH9110  5-5
12 BUNDESEN Team22 COLLINS Team1NT N6S8120  00
13 MCLEAN Team1 LORROWAY Team1H E5D6100  5-5
14 MAYES Team6 BONNICK Team1NT NAH9150  6-6
15 OLIVER Team9 BECKETT Team2C N6S9110  5-5
16 GOODWIN Team20 CRUIKSHANK Team1NT NAH790  -11
17 AKHTAR Team21 STEINBERG Team2C NAH890  00
18 ELMER Team10 NEARHOS Team2S WKC7100  00
19 ANDERSON Team11 GORDON Team2H S2S7 100 -55
20 CRUIKSHANK Team16 GOODWIN Team1NT N2D8120  1-1
21 STEINBERG Team17 AKHTAR Team2NT E4H7100  00
22 COLLINS Team12 BUNDESEN Team2C NAH9110  00

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BD: 13SK5 Dlr: N
HT98 Vul: Both
SQJ82  S963
HJ2  HAK53
DQ743  DK982
CT65  CA8
N3-211   14 
S3-211  6 14
E-1---   6 

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