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Board No: 10
Dealer: E, Vul: ALL, Room Datum: 650
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Teams  Score Imps
North-SouthEast-WestContractLeadTricks  NS    EW      NS EW
1 FRANCIS Team6 OLSEN Team3NT N2D10630  00
2 AFFLICK Team14 LAWS Team4S S8S12680  1-1
3 MOSES Team11 FRAZIER Team3NT N2D11660  00
4 STEFFENSEN Team8 STACEY Team3NT NJC12690  2-2
5 RIDLEY Team16 MCDONALD Team4S S8S11650  -11
6 OLSEN Team1 FRANCIS Team4S S2D10620  00
7 LORRAWAY Team9 MALTBY Team3NT N2D11660  00
8 STACEY Team4 STEFFENSEN Team3NT NTH10630  -22
9 MALTBY Team7 LORRAWAY Team4S S2H11650  00
10 O'BRIEN Team19 BOURKE Team4S S2H11650  00
11 FRAZIER Team3 MOSES Team4S S3C11650  00
12 TOON Team20 FEENEY Team4S NTD10620  -11
13 JONES Team22 HOUSE Team4S STD10620  -11
14 LAWS Team2 AFFLICK Team3NT NJC11660  -11
15 ROGERS Team18 MATTHEWS Team4S STD11650  00
16 MCDONALD Team5 RIDLEY Team3NT NJC12690  1-1
17 YOUNG Team25 ROBERTSON Team4S N8S12680  1-1
18 MATTHEWS Team15 ROGERS Team4S S8H11650  00
19 BOURKE Team10 O'BRIEN Team5H STD11650  00
20 FEENEY Team12 TOON Team3NT N2D11660  1-1
21 TOWNEND Team27 SCARR Team3NT N5C11660  00
22 HOUSE Team13 JONES Team4S S2H11650  1-1
23 WEBBER Team28 STUART Team3NT N2D11660  1-1
24 BUTLER Team26 MAYES Team4S S2H11650  1-1
25 ROBERTSON Team17 YOUNG Team4S NJC11650  -11
26 MAYES Team24 BUTLER Team4S NTD10620  -11
27 SCARR Team21 TOWNEND Team3NT N2D11660  00
28 STUART Team23 WEBBER Team4S S3C10620  -11

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BD: 10ST3 Dlr: E
HAJ75 Vul: Both
S84  SQ62
HK862  HQT9
DT8  DK952
CK7632  CJT5
N14255   15 
S14255  6 8
E-----   11 

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