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Board No: 18
Dealer: E, Vul: NS, Room Datum: 50
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Teams  Score Imps
North-SouthEast-WestContractLeadTricks  NS    EW      NS EW
1 FRANCIS Team7 O'BRIEN Team2NT NQS8120  00
2 LUCK Team15 CROWLEY Team2S W4H6100  5-5
3 PEMBERTON Team10 SLATER Team3H N5S8 100 3-3
4 MARTIN Team8 OLSEN Team2NT SQS8120  2-2
5 MILLER Team13 HOLBROOK Team2S EKC750  4-4
6 MOSES Team12 LORRAWAY Team2NT NQS7 100 -66
7 O'BRIEN Team1 FRANCIS Team2NT NQS8120  00
8 OLSEN Team4 MARTIN Team1NT W4H650  -22
9 FLUDDER Team17 ROGERS Team3H NQS9140  1-1
10 SLATER Team3 PEMBERTON Team4H NQS8 200 -33
11 RIDLEY Team28 STUART Team2NT N8S9150  8-8
12 LORRAWAY Team6 MOSES Team2NT NQS8120  6-6
13 HOLBROOK Team5 MILLER Team3NT N9S8 100 -44
14 BELL Team16 STANTON Team3S EAC7100  00
15 CROWLEY Team2 LUCK Team2NT NQS7 100 -55
16 STANTON Team14 BELL Team1NT W4H5100  00
17 ROGERS Team9 FLUDDER Team2D S2C9110  -11
18 TOWNEND Team23 CARR Team2NT NQS7 100 -55
19 PEARCE Team29 MAHER Team3H NQS9140  3-3
20 SCHWEGLER Team25 SCARR Team2S EAC6100  00
21 BALMANNO Team30 DUFFIELD Team4H N6S9 100 -66
22 KILLINER Team26 ROBERTSON Team2S W4H6100  2-2
23 CARR Team18 TOWNEND Team2S EAC6100  5-5
24 GARDNER Team27 MUSGRAVE Team2D S2C7 100 -66
25 SCARR Team20 SCHWEGLER Team2H NJC8110  00
26 ROBERTSON Team22 KILLINER Team2S EAC750  -22
27 MUSGRAVE Team24 GARDNER Team1H SAD9140  6-6
28 STUART Team11 RIDLEY Team2NT NQS6 200 -88
29 MAHER Team19 PEARCE Team1S W4H650  -33
30 DUFFIELD Team21 BALMANNO Team2S W4H5150  6-6

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2S by EW-31501
2NT by NS+11501
3H by NS=1402
1H by NS+21401
2NT by NS=1204
2H by NS=1101
2D by NS+11101
2S by EW-21004
3S by EW-21001
1NT by EW-21001
2S by EW-1502
1NT by EW-1501
1S by EW-1501
4H by NS-1-1001
2D by NS-1-1001
3H by NS-1-1001
3NT by NS-1-1001
2NT by NS-1-1003
4H by NS-2-2001
2NT by NS-2-2001

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