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Board No: 22
Dealer: E, Vul: EW, Room Datum: 440
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Teams  Score Imps
North-SouthEast-WestContractLeadTricks  NS    EW      NS EW
1 FRANCIS Team6 MARTIN Team4S N2D12480  2-2
2 PARKER Team21 PETTIT Team4S N3D11450  6-6
3 SLATER Team13 TOON Team4S NJH11450  00
4 TOUTON Team15 YOUNG Team4S N2D12480  2-2
5 WHITAKER Team11 STRONG Team4S N2D12480  00
6 MARTIN Team1 FRANCIS Team4S N2D10420  -22
7 STACEY Team14 SCHOUTROP Team3S N2D12230  -55
8 OLSEN Team12 LAWS Team4S N2D12480  00
9 RIDLEY Team10 MALTBY Team4S N2D12480  00
10 MALTBY Team9 RIDLEY Team4S N4D12480  00
11 STRONG Team5 WHITAKER Team4S N2D12480  00
12 LAWS Team8 OLSEN Team4S NJD12480  00
13 TOON Team3 SLATER Team4S N2D11450  00
14 SCHOUTROP Team7 STACEY Team4S N2D10420  5-5
15 YOUNG Team4 TOUTON Team4S N2D10420  -22
16 HAWKINS Team17 BOURKE Team4S NJD10420  5-5
17 BOURKE Team16 HAWKINS Team3S N2D12230  -55
18 MORRISON Team28 STUART Team4S NJD12480  7-7
19 BECKETT Team30 SCOTT Team4S N2D12480  00
20 HOLMES Team26 SHANTI Team4S NJD12480  6-6
21 PETTIT Team2 PARKER Team2S N2D12230  -66
22 HERTELENDY Team29 NORTHEY Team4S N2D12480  1-1
23 WEYLING Team27 MORRIS Team4S NJD12480  1-1
24 ROBERTSON Team25 SCHWEGLER Team4S N2D11450  -11
25 SCHWEGLER Team24 ROBERTSON Team4S N2D12480  1-1
26 SHANTI Team20 HOLMES Team3S NJD12230  -66
27 MORRIS Team23 WEYLING Team4S N4D11450  -11
28 STUART Team18 MORRISON Team2S N2D11200  -77
29 NORTHEY Team22 HERTELENDY Team4S N2D11450  -11
30 SCOTT Team19 BECKETT Team4S NJD12480  00

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  Cannot locate hand record file

4S by NS+248015
4S by NS+14506
4S by NS=4204
3S by NS+32303
2S by NS+42301
2S by NS+32001

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